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Port Aransas is one of Texas’ most popular tourist destinations and a working port too. For those looking for a ‘perfect’ vacation destination, Port Aransas has something to offer. Stay a day, week or longer; you will have to stay longer to experience all that this Texas coast has to offer.

Port Aransas is located only a few files from Corpus Christi, and a manageable two and a half hours from San Antonio. For those coming from Austin (Dripping Springs) expect a three and a half car ride. If you hail from the Dallas or Fort Worth areas, expect a six and a half car ride. As you can see, Port Aransas is tractable option for those who want to get away.

What Do People Enjoy Here

People Go Shopping. Antiquing aficionados will find antique shops. Have an upcoming special occasion. Shop among hand crafted gifts for your special someone. Fashion mavens will find boutique clothing stores where your next trendy and amazing outfit awaits. Port Aransas shopping has something for everyone.
stores, clothing stores, and more.

People Go to the Beach and enjoy the many files of coastline where water sports; surfing, swimming, sun bathing, kayaking, paddle boarding etc. abound. If your a little water shy, you’ll appreciate the shallows 🙂

People Go Fishing. Ask any fisherman and they will tell you how the Port Aransas waters abound in a wide variety of sought after fish. Well, some may have secret spots. Wethor you like to fish from the docs, off a boat or off a pier, Port Aransas fishing will fill the bill. Heck, go crazy and charter a boat!

People Enjoy Eating. You won’t find any shortage of dining options in and around Port Aransas. Some eateries have waterfront locations repleat with great views of coastlines with the ocean going vessels, and the nature that abounds therein.

People Enjoy Nature. The ocean wildlife is incredible with all manor or ocean going a shoreline birds. Think pelicans (whose beaks can hold more than their bellycan), cranes, twits, seagulls (of course) Nature lovers will find plenty to observe with the stilts, seagulls, pelicans, black skimmers, sand pipers, cranes and other sea birds. You can also enjoy watching the dolphins frolic along the coast.

A clean, soft-sanded beach!

Port Aransas has some beautiful beaches. This beach is right outside of a state park, and right down from a National Seashore. This means that the beaches here are clean, free of debris. They are maintained regularly with a big bulldozer coming and grading the path.

You can drive down this beach- and don’t really need 4 wheel drive, since the sand is compacted on the driving area.

I got to see lots of wildlife here- including many birds, some crabs, fish and a few shells. It’s really beautiful out here.

There are showers in front of some of the condos or buildings along the beach, and you can access the beach at certain areas off the main drag of Port A.

Please be sure to keep the beach free of litter, and keep Texas beautiful!

Curt C.

Frequent Flyer, San Antonio, TX

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Tentacles Debut

An up close look at some of the most fascinating and mesmerizing creature in our seas. The new exhibit will incorporate jellyfish species, as well as cephalopods, such as octopus and cuttlefish species.

Dolphin Bay

Get an up close and personal look at Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Our 400,000-gallon saltwater exhibit features two male dolphins: Shadow and Kai, and visitors can experience these majestic marine mammals above the water and even below, in our unique underwater viewing room, featuring a 70-foot acrylic window.

Otter Creek

North American River Otters are native to Texas and Otter Creek provides the perfect opportunity to watch these playful animals interact with each other and with their trainers. Through protected contact, our trainers are able to have enrichment sessions multiple times daily when visitors can witness the high intelligence and fun antics of these otters.

Swamp Tales

Swamp Tales tells the conservation success story of the American Alligator, while highlighting species that are currently threatened and what visitors can do to help protect them. Visitors will learn about the challenges that animals in our region have faced and how people have made progress in solving these challenges.

Tortuga Cay

All of the sea turtles in Tortuga Cay were rehabilitated and then deemed non-releasable. Tortuga Cay’s natural lagoon-like habitat allows visitors to view the sea turtles from above and below the water. During our Turtle Tales presentation, guests learn about each resident of Tortuga Cay and how they are cared for by the staff at the Aquarium.

Palmilla Golf Resort

Water Activities

Massage in a Bottle 1080

At Massage in a Bottle our ambiance, body treatments and aromas all combine to encourage you to relax, unwind and escape from stress and pain.

Terry’s oils and Massage lotions are Island Essence products from Hawaii. The nourishing ingredients and lush aromas of the tropics take you to the beach.Luxurious body butters from MakesScents soften and revitalize your skin.

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Terry Woolard - Massage in a Bottle - RetouchedTerry offers MOBILE MASSAGE, CUSTOMIZED MASSAGE THERAPY and BODY TREATMENTS with a touch of the islands. If you are looking for stress reduction, pain relief or injury correction Terry’s goal is to craft a massage that meets the specific needs of each client.

Call today and make an appointment to take your tropical vacation from stress and pain.

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